Bruce & Rhonda Turn into EBay Listing Machines [Kabbage Chronicles, Day 10]

EBay announced a listing sale. For ten cents each, those of us with stores could list as much as we wanted. Sounded great to us! We had been kind of behind in listing our new inventory anyway. This announcement served as a catalyst to get us moving. We had been stocking our eBay store shelves bit by bit with all buy-it-now items. We chose buy-it-now’s “good ‘til canceled” simply because we could. It was a novelty we had not had before. We got so carried away with it that we had almost forgotten about the auction format. The ten cent sale reminded us of this. We began to list and as much as we could, as fast we could (since the sale only lasted two days).

Rhonda's eBay Listing Marathon

A listing marathon takes perseverance. We had not trained for this at all so we were not in top form when eBay said “Ready, Set, GO!”  Our goal was 100 listings in 48 hours. Now for the more seasoned that may not be a big deal but for us…well, it was a true challenge. Bruce is at work from 9am to 5 pm. I am home but so are the children. These make for minor hindrances to the focused work that must be done. Add to that the fact that we have an average of 5 to 7 sales per day that must be packed and shipped. We could see it would not be easy but we thought we could do it.

We started the day early. Bruce and I spent some time in prayer, for us it is a way to stay connected and also stay focused on what is important. Bruce began to pack up the items that sold the day before. I checked the messages and responded to the questions there. Then we took things off the unlisted shelf one by one and lined them up for listing. We assigned each item a numbered shelf to be placed there after listing. Then we would know where it was when it sold.

Bruce then had to leave for work.

Our teen boys took over for Bruce. They kept the kids off of me and returned items to their numbered shelf after I listed them. Things moved along like a well-oiled machine. The boys also kept movies going in the electronic babysitter for the entire day. My work station is on one end of the living room and the big screen TV is on the other. I think the kids watched every Disney movie made since The Little Mermaid. I only stopped once to make a quick lunch of Ramen noodles with leftover ground beef thrown in, bagged salad and canned peaches. While the kids ate I quickly seasoned two whole chickens and shove them in the oven with potatoes and carrots. (Note from Kabbage: How does Rhonda do it all!?)

By the time Bruce returned. The kids looked shell shocked from having watched movies all day. So I took them to the park were Zach’s cross country practice was. Bruce stayed behind to list items in peace. The kids ran around like they had been locked up for weeks. I called Bruce who said he had a few things listed but he needed to work on some grades for work by tomorrow so listing for him had to be postponed.

By the time we returned home, had dinner, cleaned the kitchen, gave baths and put the kids to bed I felt dizzy. Bruce decided to list a few more things while he told me about his day. I fell asleep. When I awoke this morning, we had a total of 86 things listed.

We have 18 hours or so to list 14 more items in order to meet our goal of 100 items listed. I am thinking…no problem! I know we can do it!

– Rhonda

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3 Responses to “Bruce & Rhonda Turn into EBay Listing Machines [Kabbage Chronicles, Day 10]”
  1. Kelli says:

    I love to read about determined online sellers. It’s an amazing life, I know!

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