Bruce, Rhonda and Murphy’s Law [The Kabbage Chronicles, Day 28]

Wow, what a day! Today we picked up the lots we won from the huge retail distribution center. Doesn’t that sound easy? Just go and pick the stuff up, right? WRONG! What an ordeal! Here is how it happened and it will take two blogs to tell it all!

Last Thursday we were informed that we had won two more lots. Pick up of all 5 of the lots we got had to be completed within a week. So we called to arrange for the following Thursday since that was the next weekday that Bruce would be free.

The only time they had available was afternoon about the time the kids got out. So we arranged for a babysitter for Sarene that day and arranged for the kids to be picked up from school (the teens ride the bus).

The night before the scheduled pick up the keys to the van disappeared. We went to get the spare and low and behold it had broken from its housing and was lost also. We searched almost all night. It was awful, we could not find either set anywhere. We were in a panic! A friend told us if we took our VIN, our ID and the title to the dealership then we could have a key made right there on the spot for about 5 bucks. WHEW!! We went to bed feeling a lot better.

In the morning, while I got the kids off to school Bruce went over to the dealership. They told him that Ford only keeps the key codes for ten years and since our van was eleven they did not have the codes. Bruce was told that we would have to contact a locksmith. It was eight and the locksmith did not open until nine. While he was waiting to call the locksmith he called the police to have the van opened in case we had left the keys inside. But nope, no such luck.

Bruce called the locksmith who said that he would check for the codes and call us back. We were packing and labeled the items that had sold the day before while when the locksmith called back. He could not get the codes either evidently Ford actually purges all key codes for vehicles older than ten years! It would cost $160 to get a new key made without the codes.

Well, we had just paid everything and like too many Americans we live hand to mouth right now. To pull out $160 would be a feat that could not be accomplished without a serious juggling act. You know ten from here, fifty from here, maybe if we have beans and rice for a week rather than 2 days we could take twenty from here. We decided to keep looking for a few days before we taxed our budget like that.

That left us with the small Dodge Caravan for 5 pallets of goods. NO WAY. We called one of our closest friends and caught him as he was about to leave for work. He was willing to let us borrow his GMC Suburban and he took our Caravan to work. Looking at the truck I did not think we could fit five pallets of stuff in it, either, but it was all we had at the moment.

It was getting close to time to go pick up when the babysitter called. She could not make it! I quickly called my sister and asked what time she got off. She would not be available until about 2:30. She agreed to go straight to our house when she got off and be there when the kids got home. We would have to take Sarene with us which eliminated more needed space in the SUV.


Change of plans - Sarene gets to go along for the ride!



Did Bruce & Rhonda (and don’t forget Sarene!) make it to the major retailer distribution center to pick up their new inventory… Stay tuned next week!

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