Bruce and Rhonda, Loading Dock Heroes [The Kabbage Chronicles, Day 29]

Note from Kabbage: When last we left Bruce and Rhonda, they’d successfully bid on several lots from a major retail distributor and were planning to resell them. That is… if things would stop going wrong long enough for them to actually pick up the inventory!

Off we went in the borrowed suburban to the major retailer distribution center. Sarene was excited to go on an outing with us. She chattered the whole way there. Chuck was not working that day so we met with Mark who laughed when he saw the Suburban. He was sure we were not going to get all we had to load in.  We were the only ones there with a regular vehicle. Everyone else loading had step vans, semis, and other commercial vehicles.

Mark directed us to the bottom of a ramped driveway. (We could not load in a bay, the suburban would have looked very funny!) They began to bring out pallet after pallet and I began to agree with Mark. There was just no way. But Bruce was undaunted. He rubbed his hands together and began to work. Pallets are almost 4×4 feet and most of them were at least that tall and filled with boxes, bedding, and housewares. It really did look impossible.

As box after box began to disappear into the suburban, we began to draw attention. With five huge pallets attempting to be loaded into a regular vehicle, a toddler yelling that she wanted out and potty and lunch, a guy on the roof of the SUV with a tape measure yelling measurements down to a frazzled looking woman who was babbling assurances like “Ok honey we will go soon!” we must have made quite a sight.

By the time Bruce finished the second pallet.  The biggest of the bay doors was filled with workers in their orange safety vests watching us. Word must have gotten out that there were crazy people in the parking lot trying to load the equivalent of an elephant into a Volkswagen Bug. I have no doubt that they began taking wagers on whether or not these weirdos would pull it off or have to go rent a truck. What they didn’t count on is that  desperate people can do the impossible.

First the roof was loaded with the six free standing flue-less fireplaces. Each box had two parts so 12 large boxes had to be secured on the roof. Then the boxes were loaded into the rear one by one. Just when I was sure not one more thing would fit Bruce would push something aside and shove a box into a crevice somewhere. A couple of times he had to undo a lot of what he has just loaded because he thought of a better use of space. Then the bedding was shoved into all and I do mean ALL of the remaining free space.

When we loaded the last item it looked like the whole thing could literally burst. The suburban had become a low-rider, and we had become instant celebrities. A huge cheer came from the bay. Bruce took a sweeping bow. I had to giggle it really made my day.

As we signed the paperwork, Mark said they had not had that much entertainment since the last company picnic. We left in much better spirits.

We took Sarene home and went to the storage to unload. It was quite a day and we still had the lost van key issue to deal with but we had much a better outlook. If we could do what those people there thought impossible, then with just a bit of determination we could continue to do the impossible.


Note from Kabbage: Have you ever performed a remarkable feat of loading or packing? Time to brag on yourself in the comments!

Have no idea who Bruce and Rhonda are? Read the Kabbage Chronicles from the beginning!

4 Responses to “Bruce and Rhonda, Loading Dock Heroes [The Kabbage Chronicles, Day 29]”
  1. Laura says:


    LOL! I have never seen that truck so LOW! Why do I have the feeling it dropped even more before Bruce was done with it?

  2. Kelli says:

    What a great ending! We too know what it is like to be a small fish in a big pond sometimes when dealing directly with wholesalers. Kudos for the both of you for following your dream and for having the stick-to-it ness that is needed to be successful.

    Happy selling!

    • Thanks Kelli,
      We are still struggling and trying. hopefully this will be a real turn around for us. We finally did find the key thank goodness and we immediately went to make copies of if!

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