Bruce, Rhonda and Work Life Balance Out of Whack [The Kabbage Chronicles, Day 30]

Wow, I have not written in a few weeks. The reason that I have not written a blog in almost a month is because life got really crazy. We started getting the new inventory and keeping the checks and balances there. We finally began to see some true turn around in the process. Bigger purchases were being made daily in our eBay store.  More things were selling locally. It became all consuming. I tend to overdo things, and this was no different.

I confess I became obsessed. The store began to really prosper. I began to go off the schedule I set up. I began working while the kids did homework, skipping my time on the treadmill, and skipping the daily chores.  Telling myself it was only for a short time while I got the business under control.  My home, family and self began to unravel.

First thing I noticed was I had gained like 20 pounds…did you hear that!?? 20!! My face started looking puffy and I hated the way I looked in the mirror. It was all from my obsession with sitting on my fanny all day and gaining a lot more than profits.

The second thing that happened is that my children’s grades began to slip. I was not daily overseeing their homework like I used to.  They also began to act out, getting mouthy and rude. They were angry because mom was there but not there, if I am honest, I was pretty much ignoring them in my quest for  ecommerce success.

The last straw came when it seriously all came tumbling down in one day. It was a Friday morning. It started out terrible and just kept going: Seth had one shoe and could not find the other in the disarray around us nor could he find a single pair of socks.  Zoe could not find her homework. Cassia was crying because there was no toilet paper.  Bruce ran down to the corner store to get toilet paper while I hunted for Seth’s shoes and a pair of socks. While lecturing Seth about keeping things where they belong,  Zoe announced that she had  found her homework stuck to the underside of the table with jelly. Bruce returned with the toilet paper and got Cassia wiped and dressed. Seth was crying now because while I found his other shoe, he had to wear his sister’s lace top socks because that is all I could find and they were late.  His father assured him that if he kept his pants leg down no one would know. Everyone left the house 10 minutes late that day.

I sat down in the quiet of the house and made some decisions. I knew most of the upset of the equilibrium in the house had to do with me not balancing what needed to be done well.  It was obvious but hard to admit. Something had to be done.  I was overweight, the kids were upset at having lost time with their mother.  I had set a bad example of putting off chores.  The teen boys had followed my example and began not doing or not completing their chores and assignments at school. Now the house was out of control. I went into action to correct this.

– Rhonda

Note from Kabbage: Work life balance can be a real problem for online sellers, especially in the growth stage. Do you have any advice for Rhonda and Bruce as they battle the unexpected downsides of success?

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