Bruce, Rhonda and Work Life Balance… Back in Whack! [The Kabbage Chronicles, Day 31]

Recently, Bruce and Rhonda’s eBay business, Second Bargains, has really taken off. Unfortunately, that meant that “work” got the long end of the stick when it came to Bruce and Rhonda’s work life balance, while the house grew cluttered and the kids’ grades suffered. But now Rhonda is getting everybody back on track…

First I tackled me. Because I needed to fix me before I could tackle everyone else. I called a friend and took her up on her offer to teach dance at her studio three days a week in the evenings. I had not taught in years and was rather anxious about doing it. I did not like the thought of seeing myself in those mirrors with 20 extra pounds on my frame. But I would have to face it and allow it to motivate me to work hard.  Best of all it would get me up and out of the house. After talking it over with my family I found that 5 of my kids and my husband wanted to take classes there! Cassia and Sarene wanted to take the baby ballet/tap.  Brhon, Seth and Zoe wanted the Hip Hop class. Bruce wanted to take the Ballroom dance class with me. Zach said no thanks but he would love to applaud us the way we did him at his track meets. It would be something for us all to do together and I could work on losing the weight. Within a week I was feeling better and had already dropped 3 pounds. The kids were thrilled and loved the dance classes. Bruce and I began to work on a dance for our renewal wedding next Fall.

That week I stayed on my schedule. I only listed a certain number of things and left the rest. If someone asked a question after work hours I made sure I did not answer it until the next day. I stopped work when the kids got home.  I did all my chores, got the laundry caught up and went grocery shopping.  Most important of all I spent more time with my family. The kids were happier and by Friday they brought home weekly papers with all A’s and B’s.

The only thing that was difficult to rectify was the house. We’d  let things go so much that it was out of control. So even after the laundry was caught up and the groceries were bought the house was still out of order…way out.  We decided to shut down everything and work on getting back on track. All day Saturday we worked. We cancelled church on Sunday and we worked. We changed wardrobes from summer to fall. We cleaned out closets, we reorganized, we scrubbed, and we took two LARGE van sized loads to the Mission.  By Sunday evening it still was not done. So the rest of the week EBay was placed on auto pilot while I got my home together. I did ship every day and I taught my dance classes but my focus was our home. We had it back under control by the end of the week.

This is why I have been absent from my blogging. I have realized that as soon as things get out of balance they unravel very quickly. It is no easy task to put them back in order. I have also learned that my children and family must come first. I knew that in my head but was not practicing that.  I am glad to say I am back and am now unafraid to shut down everything else for a moment so that I can stop, reassess and reconnect. It is of utmost importance.

– Rhonda

It has been a long road to get to this point. Read where it all got started, here:

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