What They See is What They Get

Imagine, if you will, a potential customer. They hear from a friend of a friend of a friend’s friend that your online store sells the most unusual plush figures on the planet. And you do; the site is filled with plush hearts, plush mammoths, plush bacon, even a plush version of Frankenstein’s monster dressed as a ballerina. They hop on your website to order up some quick holiday gifts for their spouse, who happens to have a plush toy collection.

But whoa, what’s this? Your website is a mess! The pictures of your plush items are small and blurry. The fine textures and exquisite detail you so painstakingly put into toys don’t come through at all, and in fact the pictures make them look washed out and squished.

Even worse, the copy you’ve written doesn’t do your life’s work justice. Since the customer can’t see the picture and the description doesn’t help to help her decipher what she’s looking at, she clicks away from your website, disappointed. She then tells her family what she WOULD’VE gotten them after they open their present she bought from one of your competitors.

That’s Ridiculous!

Is it? According to a recent study on consumer buying trends, people are more likely to pay more for an item if they have the item in front of them. They let customers bid on items that only had a text description, a picture, and the real item in their hot little hands. The real item won every time.

It makes such a difference, in fact, that when they put the item safely behind plexiglass, it still wasn’t as effective at making customers pay big bucks as actually having the real item. Neither did chewing on a sample of the food product!

How does this help you? Besides, you’re an online seller, so how are you supposed to provide the product so they can pay you the big bucks for it?

Simple! Since your online ammo is great copy and dynamic pictures, make sure they’re both at the top of their game!

Fixing It Up

They say you’ve gotta spend money to make money, and sprucing up your website to make it as enticing as possible to customers is no different. Are you using the same crappy digital camera you got for your birthday seven years ago? Might be time for an upgrade using your advance from Kabbage!

Having trouble getting the right lighting to make those plush toys really pop out at your visitors to make them feel like they’re in the room with them? Spend a little to grab an automatic light box that does half the work for you. Or spend those Kabbage funds to hire a photographer!

And don’t forget those descriptions. Hire an experienced copywriter to practically sing the customer into buying those plush toys for their friends and family. Try to present as much information as possible on your website so when your customers click to buy something, they’ll feel like it’s really there in their hands, right next to the credit card!

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