10 Holiday ECommerce Blog Posts Worth Reading This Week

There’s a lot of great information out there on how to maximize your sales this holiday season, but it might be a little daunting weeding through all the posts in your Google Reader or FeedDemon feed. Since you’re so busy posting sales and figuring your holiday budget, we’ve listed ten recent blogs you should read for ease of use! Make sure to follow these folks as well for further insight.

1. It’s a Holly, Jolly (Mobile) Christmas

More customers than ever are using mobile phones for everything, including shopping online. Reacting to this, companies and businesses are scrambling to figure out how to get the most money from this newest trend. This blog by Shop.org will help you figure it out for your business.

2. 5 Analytics Tips for the Holiday Season

Analyzing visits and keyword usage can be a hassle, especially during this time of the year. Get Elastic shows you some tips to quicken your search and restructuring so you can get back to making money.

3. How to Create Holiday Promotional Specials on Amazon For Your Customers

Amazon discovered their Super Saver Shipping program was such a hit they made it a permanent feature. ColderIce shows you how to make your own specials to rope in the customers already visiting Amazon for the widely praised promotion.

4. Social Media’s Effect on Holiday Sales

Does social media really have an impact on your holiday sales? Practical Ecommerce weighs the evidence.

5. Let Your Friends and Relations Choose How to Use Their Gift Cards This Holiday Season

Always helpful Mashable shows you how to take advantage of Tango Cards, a new way to do gift cards. Instead of being restricted to a certain store, recipients choose their own destination for the bucks.

6. Do Holiday Cyber Sales Predict Holiday Bonanza?

Black Friday through Cyber Monday was a huge deal in ecommerce. Online sales made a huge dent in the usually dominant brick & mortar business extravaganza. Will that be the norm? The eMarketer Blog investigates.

7. Holiday Sales Tip: Create the Best Shopping Cart With Wish Lists & e-Gift Cards

Spruce up your shopping cart with some wish lists and gift cards to bring in more bucks. Prostores’ post has a link to their original story about the subject plus a success story.

8. Social Media Killed the Holiday Card?

Blogher muses how the use of social media programs like Facebook have made holiday card correspondence obsolete. When you can post on their wall in 5 seconds, why send a card that takes 2-3 days?

9. 2010 USPS Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Not exactly from the last week, but this blog from Stamps.com is important for anyone sending mail or packages. Includes a reminder to post a message on your front page for customers to know they need to order as early as possible for guaranteed delivery!

10. 5 Ways to Fill Your Holiday Digital Marketing Blog

Speaking of blogs, are you running out of ideas for your own posts? Ymarketing gives some tips and ideas for when you’re banging your head against the desk.

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