5 Things to Change in Your Home Office

We spend all day there, yet we never think to shape things up a bit. Sure, once in a while we get the bug up our patootie to clean up. But how much effort goes into making sure it’s up to our usual high standards?

I speak, of course, of the home office. Whether it’s a dedicated room or a comfy chair in the den or kitchen, the home office is a place of work and isolation – isolation from the rest of the outside world so we can get stuff done. Once in a while it’s good to rearrange the furniture (either literally or figuratively), so here are some tips for you to take into the new year.

1. Redecorate

It may not seem very productive, but redecorating or repainting can do a lot for your mental state. Simply changing the colors of the walls or furniture can make a huge difference. If you’ve felt enclosed or trapped lately, try changing the color scheme to blue or green to give your space an open feel.

Plus, working from home means we can be more comfortable than sitting in a cubicle. This means you can decorate how you want! Have you always wanted to hang up your Star Wars posters but were a little embarrassed? Be proud of your nerdiness and tack them up – it’s your space, do what you want.

2. Policies

Since you’re the master of your home office, you get to set the policies. Of course, the only people affected by this are you and your family (pets included). But setting boundaries is very important, especially if you feel like you don’t get enough done in the day.

Are you constantly interrupted by kids or spouses with “honey-do” lists? Let them know that 9-5 is work time and you’re not to be bothered unless it’s an emergency. Or, on the other hand, if you’d like to be more lax, install a sign (a reversible Do Not Disturb sign on the doorknob will do) that lets loved ones know when you’re not slammed so they can visit.

3. Filing System

Face it – those papers scattered around your filing cabinet are never going to make their way into the drawers. Instead of worrying about physical objects, consider going completely digital. There’s way less mess and digital files are much easier to categorize and reorganize. Plus, you can make copies anytime and back them up in the cloud.

4. Literature

When’s the last time you bought a book in your field? Head out to your local bookstore and grab some educational texts for whatever it is you deal in – artwork, constructional materials, movies, or just find something on selling online.

After reading, don’t plop them in a drawer or on a bookshelf in the extra bedroom. Install a shelf nearby to display the reading materials you’ve found. Not only will it come in handy when you have to look something up, it can make you feel more confident having books like that around.

5. Distractions

Besides selling, one of the things ecom pros are extraordinarily good at is coming up with ways to distract ourselves! Whether it’s TV, or magazines, or laundry that all of a sudden needs to be done, distractions are simultaneously our best friends and our worst enemies.

Look around at your home office and try to pinpoint the items that distract you the most. If there’s a TV you just can’t ignore, get rid of it. If the “nap couch” has turned into a “full night’s rest during the afternoon” couch, move it to another room so it’s not so tempting.

What are some things you’ve changed in your home office this year?

Photo by library_mistress.

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