Thank You Fast Company!

Our baby is all grown up. Kabbage has come incredibly far in just four years. Getting named to Fast Company’s list of Top 10 Most Innovative Companies is a huge shot in the arm for our team, which has worked really, really hard to build such an amazing platform. 

But the real story — and the real credit — belongs to the small business owners across the country. Thank you so much for bringing us your stories and your challenges; we’re thrilled to be funding your innovation. Small businesses are the engines of economies across the world.   

As for us, we’ll keep chopping down big trees in the forest — helping small businesses get cash quickly. We’ve already advanced more than $75 million to date, and we’re just getting started.

The need for small business financing isn’t new, but the speed with which we can get it into the hands of businesses is. That’s our passion and our innovation, and we’re thrilled Fast Company has taken notice. 

                             Rob  Frohwein        

Co-Founder and CEO 

You can find the video here as well: 

To read more about the Fast Company nomination please visit:

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