Top 10 Tips for Designing your eCommerce Store

frooitionChris Reeves, from Frooition, tells us ten great tips to consider when designing your online store.

Design is all about confidence, the more confident a prospect the more likely they are to engage and buy from you.

When designing your online store you should consider the following:

1) The CARP design principle


Contrast is key to making your site appear crisp, sharp, and organized. Try to ensure your site is not a sea of similarity by using different sizes, shapes, and colors to distinguish different page and site elements.


A successful site is designed and aligned. Visitors like to browse intuitively. So, if your site is not aligned and broken down into clear, clean elements buyers will become frustrated and less likely to buy with you.


Your site needs to provide a consistent and coherent browsing experience to sustain buyer confidence and encourage engagement.


Encourage interaction by grouping related information together. Visitors should be able to find what they want with ease and  move to the next logical piece of information intuitively.

2) Lifestyle Images

Choose images which inspire personal engagement and are relevant. Try to select images that reflect the lifestyle of your product, for example, if you sold hiking boots, don’t just display a picture of a hiking boot but rather an image of the boots being worn on a forest walk or mountain trek.

3) Large Quality Images

Use high quality large images throughout your site which are both clean and consistent (I.E. Product images on white backgrounds), try to ensure these are optimized to load quickly so users remain engaged. Nothing decreases confidence more than a pixelated product image which takes ages to load with random pink borders and red text.

4) Font

A good site design will use at least three different text font types/sizes across your site headings, main body text and side panels. When used correctly text fonts can enhance your store design and increase visitor engagement.

If in doubt, select a font that is easy to read read and relates to your company signature i.e. company logo font type.

5) Color Choice

Colors quite literally make or break a brand. A good choice can increase engagement, sales and brand loyalty, while a poor choice will create hesitation, reduce sales and ultimately have a detrimental effect on your business. Your choice in color needs to reflect and compliment the moods and feelings associated with your brand or product, for example, a forest green can reflect a relaxed and peaceful environment while a vibrant red has connotations of aggression, fast paced and in some cases debt.

6) To the Right

As we read left to right our eyes naturally rest towards the right of a page, save your most valuable content for this space to help convert more visitors. For example, you may place your best offers in this section or outline your company’s unique selling points.

7) Call to Action

Don’t be afraid to tell clients what to do next, often visitors will land on your site in a subjection state looking for guidance and intuitive direction. Write compelling call to actions to encourage the client to take the next action on your site such as ‘Click Here’, ‘Learn More’ or ‘Buy Now’. Remember you only have 3-5 seconds to capture a visitors interest before they bounce away from your site to another, call to actions are a great way to encourage interaction.

8) Data Capture

Whether using a newsletter sign-up form or enquiry contact form encourage data capture at every opportunity. Once you have a means of contacting prospecting clients you can reach out to them to encourage new and repeat sales.

9) The Power of Testimonials

A good testimonial will tell visitors of a buying experience they are yet to enjoy; ask existing clients to provide testimonials on how they found your site, what they thought of your product and service or even how quickly the goods we’re delivered. By displaying testimonials and product reviews you will increase buyer confidence and sales.

Be sure to display at least one testimonial on every page of your website.

10) Brand Consistency

10 years ago it was about which businesses could shout the loudest and had the largest budgets, today your clients are in control deciding how, where, when and if they want to engage. To succeed in today’s multi-channel environment you need to reach your clients where they feel most comfortable engaging and buying with you. You need to remain brand consistent throughout all of your sales channels to encourage maximum engagement and increase brand loyalty.

There are many more points to consider when designing your website but by following these few key points you will increase visitor engagement, enhance your store, and best of all increase your sales!

For more information about Frooition please visit:

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