Meet Donnie Criswell, Owner of Rocky Mountain Table Co.

Donnie Criswell AloneMy name is Donnie Criswell and I am the owner of Rocky Mountain Table Co.  We make custom furniture as well as manufacture steel bases and lanyards.   We are based out of Lafayette, Colorado.

I started making tables on my own a few years ago.  I wanted to make a cool farmhouse table, so I did and it turned out really great.  I decided to make another one and sold it almost instantly on Craig’s List.  I got such a great response that I then had a demand for more.

I started selling furniture, on Etsy, three years ago.  Etsy brings us more traffic than our regular website.  It also allows us to test products easier and engage with our customers on a different level.  The community on Etsy is really close and as a seller, I really appreciate that connectivity.

When we create a piece, we take pictures each step of the way and our customers love seeing those on our Facebook pages.  They get really excited seeing their orders come to life.  We consider what we do art and the reactions we get from our customers really help to make the process fun.  Our customers and community make what we do worthwhile.

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In the past I never really tried to get funding for our business.  However,  I did call a bank and asked them what it took to qualify and they told me that they generally do not loan to companies with less than 2 years of stated income.   So, I used money from our sales, but those really just helped us to get by.  We do take deposits for large projects, so that helps us purchase the materials needed.

I first heard about Kabbage from an Etsy article about financing for your business.  I thought it was an interesting concept, so I looked them up and then signed up for an account.  It was really easy, fast, and incredibly convenient.

I used my first Kabbage advance to purchase materials.  Our goal is to create a few designs to have in stock, instead of only doing custom orders.  Kabbage is helping us get there.   Being able to offer more products is a huge deal for me.  It helps us gain customer confidence and loyalty.

Kabbage has also really helped with Peace of mind.  I no longer have to worry about things like Payroll or cash flow.  I have seen an instant return on my investment and I plan to use them more in the future.

We are very thankful and grateful for people like Etsy and Kabbage for allowing us to do what we love every day.

Donnie Criswell Rocky Mountain Table Co

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