Polish the Look of Your eBay Store

We’re excited about a brand new tool for eBay sellers that can help them differentiate their business from the competition and create a professional, brand-centric identity on the world’s largest online marketplace. Frooition has just launched their first eBay design solution which enables sellers to create and update their own eBay store. Here are some … Continue reading

Our eBay On Location Sweepstakes Winner!

Rebecca Boyer, owner of eBay store Ciaranscloset is the lucky winner of our eBay On Location Sweepstakes! Rebecca, who hails from Birdsboro, PA will be making the trip to Philadelphia to attend eBay’s upcoming fantastic event for eBay sellers and influencers. Congratulations Rebecca, and we look forward to meeting you in Philly! Don’t forget to … Continue reading

Don’t Forget to Enter the eBay On Location Sweepstakes

The deadline to enter our eBay On Location Sweepstakes is just around the corner. In fact, it’s Friday, so you definitely don’t want to delay. We’re giving one lucky winner a trip to Philadelphia to attend this special event including airfare, hotel, and event registration. Not sure if you should enter? Well, we came up … Continue reading

Your eBay Business Needs a Spring Cleaning!

We all like to spring clean, right? (Well not really. But while we may not like doing it we DO feel good when it’s done!) Traditionally it’s the time to clean out your garage and house, emptying the clutter that’s collected over the past year. We fix up and tune those things we’re going to … Continue reading

Hot Items for Christmas 2011

Remember Tickle Me Elmo? That wasn’t exactly the first huge Christmas item, but it was certainly one of the most memorable. Parents were battling each other to try and grab one of those red giggling monstrosities so Little Johnny or Susie would have the best Christmas ever. Each year, sellers try to guess what the … Continue reading

Moving Tips for Ebay Businesses

If you own an eBay business, it’s likely that you move product—as in real, tangible goods—on a daily or weekly basis. If you operate your eBay business out of your home and are in the process of moving, this can create a bit of a challenge if you don’t organize the move properly. Here are … Continue reading

THE PROOF IS IN THE STARS and on eBay that doesn’t mean Astrology!

Today we have a guest post by Danna “Power Selling Mom” Crawford! The nice thing about eBay is the fact that it is pretty easy to know if the person doing the buying or selling is a person that you would like to do business with. You do that with a fun little concept called … Continue reading

That was Then, This is Now: eBay Sage Skip McGrath

Every hero has his or her origin story. Hercules was the son of a god and a mortal woman. Queen Elizabeth I went on to become one of the most celebrated English monarchs even after her mother was beheaded. And Spider Man gained his powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider. And believe it … Continue reading

How Kabbage Keeps Your Private Information Secure

We here at Kabbage are acutely aware of the potential hazards of entering your information on the Internet. There is no shortage of horror stories with people’s credit card information used for nefarious purposes, their identity stolen, or businesses selling information to the highest bidder. Even something as simple as someone hacking into your email … Continue reading

Kabbage Has Officially Launched!

If you head over to Kabbage.com, you’ll notice something new – Kabbage is live and ready to provide working capital to your online business! We wanted to make sure that we did Kabbage right, so we took our time and got feedback from many of our friends like Uncle Joe Adamson, Cindy Shebley, Mark Le … Continue reading