Meet Donnie Criswell, Owner of Rocky Mountain Table Co.

My name is Donnie Criswell and I am the owner of Rocky Mountain Table Co.  We make custom furniture as well as manufacture steel bases and lanyards.   We are based out of Lafayette, Colorado. I started making tables on my own a few years ago.  I wanted to make a cool farmhouse table, so I … Continue reading

Meet Kabbage Customers Adam and Katheryne Chase, Creative Etsy Entrepreneurs

We are Adam and Katheryne Chase, owners of Trafalgar’s Square.  We sell original, hand drawn and painted artwork that I make out of our home in Riverside, CA. I personally design, draw, and hand paint each and every piece we sell.  Adam is responsible for all other aspects of the business, like our website, sales, and … Continue reading

Meet Kabbage Customer Terri Bingham, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

My name is Terri Bingham and I am the owner of Terri’s Books.  I sell handmade jewelry and Native American artifacts like stone arrowheads, Navajo turquoise and sterling jewelry, and Acoma Pottery.  I am part Native American and I live in beautiful Los Angeles, California. Before I started selling online, I started a company as … Continue reading

A Kabbage Customer Ready for Holiday Season Success!

Last October, Robert (Bobby) Abendschoen Jr., owner of Search Light Comics, first discovered Kabbage while searching for a product on eBay for one of his customers. He signed up and was shocked that he was able to get funds in five minutes to help grow his online business. This money enabled him to substantially increase … Continue reading

A Rockin’ Business Amps Up with a Little Help from Kabbage

In 2008, Chris Byrne started a successful business selling vintage guitars, amps, and other gear from rock bands like Aerosmith, Anthrax, and Van Halen on eBay when the credit crisis hit.  The Huntington Beach, California entrepreneur ran into a common predicament among online merchants: His one-year-old business, The Gear Geeks, was doing well, but without … Continue reading

How Kabbage is Helping Me to Grow My eBay business

I was fortunate enough to hear about Kabbage in early 2010, just when they were just getting ready to launch. I’d been selling on eBay since 2003, and had been experiencing a steady growth in business every year. But over the past couple of years, business had really started to boom and I found myself … Continue reading

Bruce, Rhonda and The Update [The Kabbage Chronicles]

Wow, we have we been out of touch for awhile.  I have been teaching dance and really enjoying it. I teach Ballet, Hip Hop, and Ballroom.  I am happy to say that I have lost almost 15 pounds and got an offer to go back to school. Since Bruce teaches at the college, tuition coverage … Continue reading

Bruce, Rhonda and Work Life Balance… Back in Whack! [The Kabbage Chronicles, Day 31]

Recently, Bruce and Rhonda’s eBay business, Second Bargains, has really taken off. Unfortunately, that meant that “work” got the long end of the stick when it came to Bruce and Rhonda’s work life balance, while the house grew cluttered and the kids’ grades suffered. But now Rhonda is getting everybody back on track… First I … Continue reading

Bruce, Rhonda and Work Life Balance Out of Whack [The Kabbage Chronicles, Day 30]

Wow, I have not written in a few weeks. The reason that I have not written a blog in almost a month is because life got really crazy. We started getting the new inventory and keeping the checks and balances there. We finally began to see some true turn around in the process. Bigger purchases … Continue reading

Bruce and Rhonda, Loading Dock Heroes [The Kabbage Chronicles, Day 29]

Note from Kabbage: When last we left Bruce and Rhonda, they’d successfully bid on several lots from a major retail distributor and were planning to resell them. That is… if things would stop going wrong long enough for them to actually pick up the inventory! Off we went in the borrowed suburban to the major … Continue reading