PayPal’s Former President Joins Kabbage Board of Directors

We’re pleased to announce the latest addition to Kabbage’s board of directors, Scott Thompson, CEO of ShopRunner and former president of PayPal. Because Scott successfully led PayPal through its most formative and highest growth years, we will definitely be benefiting from his knowledge and expertise as we continue to grow. Scott currently heads up ShopRunner, a … Continue reading

How Kabbage Keeps Your Private Information Secure

We here at Kabbage are acutely aware of the potential hazards of entering your information on the Internet. There is no shortage of horror stories with people’s credit card information used for nefarious purposes, their identity stolen, or businesses selling information to the highest bidder. Even something as simple as someone hacking into your email … Continue reading

New Paypal App: What Can It Do For You?

The big buzz around the web right now is all about Paypal’s new app. But what’s so special about a mobile version of Paypal? That’s been around for years, right? This isn’t just another boring phone version of a popular website. Not wanting brick and mortar banks to get the jump on them, Paypal has … Continue reading

Vote for Kabbage for the PayPal Developer Network’s People’s Choice Award!

Kabbage is nominated for the PayPal X Developer Challenge! As excited as we are about potentially being picked out as the best of the best when it comes to PayPal integration, what we really, really want is to win the People’s Choice Award. If we do, it means you like us — you really, really … Continue reading