Look for Kabbage at SXSW!

Keep an eye out for Rob, Marc, Kathryn, Simon, Victoria and Sam!

Get $50 to test the Kabbage website!

Are you in the Atlanta Area and would like to make a quick $50.00? Kabbage is looking for folks, who have never seen or used our service, to take part in a 1 hour usability testing session at our midtown, Atlanta office, March 18,19th or 20th. We are looking for Small Business Owners who use one … Continue reading

Top 10 Tips for Designing your eCommerce Store

Chris Reeves, from Frooition, tells us ten great tips to consider when designing your online store. Design is all about confidence, the more confident a prospect the more likely they are to engage and buy from you. When designing your online store you should consider the following: 1) The CARP design principle Contrast Contrast is … Continue reading

Celebrating National Independents Week

Along with Independence Day, we’re also celebrating the 10th anniversary of National Independents Week.  Created by the American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA), the week-long celebration is a time to reflect on the importance of locally owned, independent businesses across the country. Here are just a few amazing statistics about the significance and impact of small, … Continue reading

Three SEO-Smart Branding Tips

Search Engines are how we navigate the Internet. Not being preferenced for your search is the 2011 equivalent to not being in the phone book — customers can’t find you. If potential customers can’t find your business then their potential money certainly cannot. Search Engine Optimization is the practice of playing to a search engine’s … Continue reading

Tips to Great Social Media Customer Service

More and more, social media is becoming the newest and best form of customer service. Rather than sit on a phone all day waiting for a rep to answer, customers can Facebook message or Tweet at a company and go about their day until a reply comes. This saves both company and customer precious time. … Continue reading

10 Ecommerce Books to Read Over the Weekend

First, before you hurriedly click away – you don’t necessarily have to read them over the weekend. Whew! Whenever you get the inkling to read some ink about ecommerce, consider these for a great start. 1. eBay for Dummies 6th Edition Even if you’re been in the biz for years, it’s sometimes good to go … Continue reading

10 Sites to Visit for the Latest Ecommerce and Retail News

Looking to keep up on the latest and greatest news in ecommerce without all the clutter? Visit these ten to get all the news you’ll need during your work week (and then some). 1. Shop.org With a network of over 700 member companies in its network keeping abreast of what’s hot in ecommerce, Shop.org is one … Continue reading

Kabbage’s Cyber Monday Wrap-Up

With quite a few savvy shoppers going online instead of braving angry crowds on Black Friday, it looked like Cyber Monday was going to be a huge success. And the numbers seem to back it up: while final numbers are still tallying, it looks to be one of the biggest of all time, indicating that … Continue reading

Make Your Product as Enticing as a Toy During the Holidays

Remember when you were six? Sitting on the store shelf was that one toy you wanted so badly. You remember – it was that giant toy, bigger than your head, or maybe the little one with all the bells and whistles, or maybe even that one little doll or action figure that moved ALL ON … Continue reading