Why the rise in auction and pawn shop reality shows?

Photo courtesy of Pocheco It’s no surprise to us when we see friends of Kabbage happily Tweeting about shows like Pawn Stars and American Pickers.  Our core users are savvy sources, wheelers and dealers at heart, and these shows speak right to the core of their being – you find cool, random stuff that may … Continue reading

5 TV Shows for the Well-Rounded eCommerce Seller to Relax To

Looking for some good television to watch? Ecommerce sellers have some remarkably good shows to check out if they want to see themselves represented in one way or another. Check these five out for some good tv and maybe a little lesson in selling. 1. American Pickers American Pickers exemplifies the online seller’s life. For … Continue reading

Learning How to Choose Inventory—American Pickers Style

Reality television was once the home of drunken college kids and desperate singles—okay so it still is but those kinds of reality shows aren’t going to help your business in any way. But now, with shows like the History Channel’s America Pickers, you can watch entertaining reality T.V. and learn about how to better your … Continue reading