4 Fun Business Finance Tools

There’s no rule out there saying business finance can’t be fun (at least we haven’t seen one). However, most see it as nothing but hard numbers and cold facts – not exactly something to sit down and relax to. Luckily, a few companies out there see things differently and want everyone to enjoy the wild … Continue reading

Bruce, Rhonda and The Update [The Kabbage Chronicles]

Wow, we have we been out of touch for awhile.  I have been teaching dance and really enjoying it. I teach Ballet, Hip Hop, and Ballroom.  I am happy to say that I have lost almost 15 pounds and got an offer to go back to school. Since Bruce teaches at the college, tuition coverage … Continue reading

What They See is What They Get

Imagine, if you will, a potential customer. They hear from a friend of a friend of a friend’s friend that your online store sells the most unusual plush figures on the planet. And you do; the site is filled with plush hearts, plush mammoths, plush bacon, even a plush version of Frankenstein’s monster dressed as … Continue reading

Wal-Mart Throws First Punch in Ecommerce War: Will Your Online Store Dodge?

Walmart announced yesterday it was soundly punching Amazon in the face this holiday season. Well, it might as well have; the retail giant is attacking Amazon by offering free shipping for the holidays for over 60,000 gift items, no minimum purchase price. After the promotion ends, they are considering how to extend it to the … Continue reading

Bruce, Rhonda and Work Life Balance… Back in Whack! [The Kabbage Chronicles, Day 31]

Recently, Bruce and Rhonda’s eBay business, Second Bargains, has really taken off. Unfortunately, that meant that “work” got the long end of the stick when it came to Bruce and Rhonda’s work life balance, while the house grew cluttered and the kids’ grades suffered. But now Rhonda is getting everybody back on track… First I … Continue reading

Bruce, Rhonda and Work Life Balance Out of Whack [The Kabbage Chronicles, Day 30]

Wow, I have not written in a few weeks. The reason that I have not written a blog in almost a month is because life got really crazy. We started getting the new inventory and keeping the checks and balances there. We finally began to see some true turn around in the process. Bigger purchases … Continue reading

Bruce and Rhonda, Loading Dock Heroes [The Kabbage Chronicles, Day 29]

Note from Kabbage: When last we left Bruce and Rhonda, they’d successfully bid on several lots from a major retail distributor and were planning to resell them. That is… if things would stop going wrong long enough for them to actually pick up the inventory! Off we went in the borrowed suburban to the major … Continue reading

Ding, Ding, Ding! Bruce and Rhonda and the Fabulous New Inventory [The Kabbage Chronicles, Day 27]

Note from Kabbage: If you haven’t been following along or  missed a few days, Bruce and Rhonda have found a fantastic opportunity to bid on overstock from a major U.S. retailer. Well, it looks like we have won three of the lots. Chuck called to inform us that we were the high bidder on three. … Continue reading

Bruce and Rhonda and the Renewed Kabbage Advance [The Kabbage Chronicles, Day 26]

After speaking to Kathryn Petralia at Kabbage we have decided to utilize more of the credit line they offered. Kathryn emailed us that “Kabbage can advance based on your existing sales volume (and our sales volume was fantastic!) and more as you grow. We are willing to increase access to the initial line.” That meant … Continue reading

A Day in the Life of an ECommerce Mom [The Kabbage Chronicles Day 25]

Well, with Bruce and all the kids but Sarene back in school, I alone run the eBay store. Bruce does help, when he gets home, with things like packing to ship and listing one or two things.  But I also no longer have the boys to give me a hand.   I have been asked … Continue reading