Tax Extensions 101 – Who Gets One? Why To Get One? How To Do It?

Stressed about taxes? Silly question, we know. And online sellers have it rough when it comes to filing on time, what with the huge box of receipts and the fifty different forms to fill out. (Okay, so 50 is exaggerating…) If only there was a way to extend the time you have to file… Oh … Continue reading

Holiday Promotions: Not Just for Christmas Anymore!

Did you know there are other holidays other than the winter ones? It’s true! However, you probably wouldn’t realize it reading it most business and ecommerce blogs. Most only focus on those few fun days at the end when companies are tearing out their collective hair trying to get as much money out of shoppers … Continue reading

Holiday Sales Crash Course

We’re really getting in the home stretch here for the holidays. Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and then the crazy time comes! Things look to be as hectic as they’ve ever been with some stores now starting their big sales on Thanksgiving Day. In celebration of the holiday selling season, we’d like to offer a holiday … Continue reading

Tips to Great Social Media Customer Service

More and more, social media is becoming the newest and best form of customer service. Rather than sit on a phone all day waiting for a rep to answer, customers can Facebook message or Tweet at a company and go about their day until a reply comes. This saves both company and customer precious time. … Continue reading

How to Pre-Game Before a Conference

Since you’re going to conferences like eBay on Location, the Kansas Jubilee, or Hello Etsy this year (you’re going, aren’t you?), you may be wondering how to get ready. One of the big issues newbies (and pros!) have when getting ready for a conference is what to do before you leave. There’s always a million … Continue reading

THE PROOF IS IN THE STARS and on eBay that doesn’t mean Astrology!

Today we have a guest post by Danna “Power Selling Mom” Crawford! The nice thing about eBay is the fact that it is pretty easy to know if the person doing the buying or selling is a person that you would like to do business with. You do that with a fun little concept called … Continue reading

Top 5 Lessons Learned from the Latest eCommerce Customer Service Study

Last week, customer service analyzers StellaService took a cold, hard look at online companies and their customer service response times. The results were surprising, with some unexpected businesses taking the limelight while others got an unexpected wake up call. Here are some lessons from the survey that jumped out at me and what they can … Continue reading

Amazon vs. Sales Tax Fight Heating Up

We’re seeing the middle of a very long and potentially bloody battle right now, and it’s over something we’re all invested in. Not only could the issue of Amazon collecting sales tax have an effect on online ecommerce, it also potentially raises questions about the nature of an online presence as a whole. Just how … Continue reading

5 Blogs To Jumpstart Your eMail Marketing

If you haven’t heard, email marketing is dead – but don’t tell these guys! The five blogs listed below feature some of the top email marketing gurus in the field, and they constantly prove why the above adage is incorrect. If you’re looking to kick your own email campaign into high gear (or even first … Continue reading

Getting Ready for Christmas

Merry Christmas! Wait, what? Why are we writing about the winter holidays when we’re about to celebrate the spring ones? In marketing, getting a head start is the key for success. So when it comes to the winter holidays, especially the oversaturated market for Christmas, getting a head start includes thinking about your plans months … Continue reading