Kabbage has Launched in the UK

The mission here at Kabbage is to make funding available to small businesses around the world. Two years ago, we started here in America — and quickly became the leader in the number of cash advancements to small businesses. Today marks a new step toward achieving our mission, as we expand internationally for the first time. This morning’s … Continue reading

4 Fun Business Finance Tools

There’s no rule out there saying business finance can’t be fun (at least we haven’t seen one). However, most see it as nothing but hard numbers and cold facts – not exactly something to sit down and relax to. Luckily, a few companies out there see things differently and want everyone to enjoy the wild … Continue reading

4 Mobile Apps to Help You Get Your Business Finances in Order

When we want to organize our lives, many of us turn to outside help. And more and more of that “outside help” is through apps. Whether they’re on our phones or tablets, they provide a way to simplify our lives in ways we could never imagine. In the business world, one of the hardest things … Continue reading