Holiday Promotions: Not Just for Christmas Anymore!

Did you know there are other holidays other than the winter ones? It’s true! However, you probably wouldn’t realize it reading it most business and ecommerce blogs. Most only focus on those few fun days at the end when companies are tearing out their collective hair trying to get as much money out of shoppers … Continue reading

Holiday Sales Crash Course

We’re really getting in the home stretch here for the holidays. Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and then the crazy time comes! Things look to be as hectic as they’ve ever been with some stores now starting their big sales on Thanksgiving Day. In celebration of the holiday selling season, we’d like to offer a holiday … Continue reading

Getting Ready for Christmas

Merry Christmas! Wait, what? Why are we writing about the winter holidays when we’re about to celebrate the spring ones? In marketing, getting a head start is the key for success. So when it comes to the winter holidays, especially the oversaturated market for Christmas, getting a head start includes thinking about your plans months … Continue reading

20 New Year’s Resolutions for the Online Seller

It’s that time! Along with any personal resolutions, online business owners need to figure out what they’re going to promise to do for their business in Two Zero Toothpicks. Here are 20 of ours to help you on your way. 1. Go Mobile We’re entering 2011. That means we now live in the FUTURE. And … Continue reading

10 Holiday ECommerce Blog Posts Worth Reading This Week

There’s a lot of great information out there on how to maximize your sales this holiday season, but it might be a little daunting weeding through all the posts in your Google Reader or FeedDemon feed. Since you’re so busy posting sales and figuring your holiday budget, we’ve listed ten recent blogs you should read … Continue reading

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday Wrap-Up

Another Thanksgiving already come and gone. Wrap up the turkey and that weird Jello thing Aunt Suzanne makes, because it’s time to hit the road. Also make sure to secure all the stuff you grabbed Friday morning and Saturday afternoon, because Black Friday and Small Business Saturday are also done and gone. The biggest shopping … Continue reading

Make Your Product as Enticing as a Toy During the Holidays

Remember when you were six? Sitting on the store shelf was that one toy you wanted so badly. You remember – it was that giant toy, bigger than your head, or maybe the little one with all the bells and whistles, or maybe even that one little doll or action figure that moved ALL ON … Continue reading

Wal-Mart Throws First Punch in Ecommerce War: Will Your Online Store Dodge?

Walmart announced yesterday it was soundly punching Amazon in the face this holiday season. Well, it might as well have; the retail giant is attacking Amazon by offering free shipping for the holidays for over 60,000 gift items, no minimum purchase price. After the promotion ends, they are considering how to extend it to the … Continue reading

3 Halloween eCommerce Horror Stories – What Would You Do?

In the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve, here’s something to send shivers up your spine: three stories of woe, despair and horror. And the worst part is they could all happen to you! What would you do when the Grim Reaper of ecommerce comes banging at your virtual door? Read these and be glad they … Continue reading

There’s Plenty of Selling to be Done BEFORE Cyber Monday

Coined in 2005 by, the term “Cyber Monday” is a marketing term for the Monday following Black Friday, i.e. for ecommerce sellers, the post Thanksgiving shopping extravaganza that is still the biggest commerce day of the year. On Cyber Monday, businesses everywhere are competing as hard as they can for shoppers, who are themselves … Continue reading