A Kabbage Halloween

We’re having some ghoulish fun today. We’re gearing up for our annual costume contest. Check out our Facebook Page for photos! And, who would have ever thought that Kabbage’s pumpkin carving abilities were so amazingly spooktacular? We’re helping businesses grow and, if we don’t say so ourselves, we have some amazing jack-o-lantern design skills to boot! … Continue reading

How to take advantage of Post Holiday Sales

by Lynn Dralle http://www.thequeenofauctions.com Once the Christmas rush is over, there is an incredible opportunity awaiting all of us online sellers. You see, the majority of my sales pre Christmas are not for presents. Over the years I have found that the majority of shoppers on eBay are shopping for themselves. On Amazon, I find … Continue reading

Expert Predictions for Holiday Season 2011

No matter what niche you sell within, someone out there is trying to predict what will be the big blow-out item this holiday season. And you should heed this advice! The predictions may not be 100% accurate, but these predictions are often made by industry vets, who have a pretty good idea what’s about to … Continue reading

Getting Ready for Christmas

Merry Christmas! Wait, what? Why are we writing about the winter holidays when we’re about to celebrate the spring ones? In marketing, getting a head start is the key for success. So when it comes to the winter holidays, especially the oversaturated market for Christmas, getting a head start includes thinking about your plans months … Continue reading