March 9th SmallBizChat Wrap-Up

If you don’t follow along on the #SmallBizChat every Wednesday night at 8 PM EST, you’re missing out on some of the best and the brightest in the industry talking about real issues in the field. For instance, last night’s topic was “How to go from Jobbie to Full Time Entrepreneur” featuring special guest, “The … Continue reading

How Secure Is Your Business?

When it comes to protecting your life’s work, firewalls and anti-virus software just doesn’t make the cut anymore. Hackers and thieves are constantly trying to find loopholes in your security. The worst part is with all the constant developments they are winning the war! Take a look at some recent security issues that have arisen … Continue reading

5 TV Shows for the Well-Rounded eCommerce Seller to Relax To

Looking for some good television to watch? Ecommerce sellers have some remarkably good shows to check out if they want to see themselves represented in one way or another. Check these five out for some good tv and maybe a little lesson in selling. 1. American Pickers American Pickers exemplifies the online seller’s life. For … Continue reading

Bruce, Rhonda and Work Life Balance Out of Whack [The Kabbage Chronicles, Day 30]

Wow, I have not written in a few weeks. The reason that I have not written a blog in almost a month is because life got really crazy. We started getting the new inventory and keeping the checks and balances there. We finally began to see some true turn around in the process. Bigger purchases … Continue reading

Bruce and Rhonda, Loading Dock Heroes [The Kabbage Chronicles, Day 29]

Note from Kabbage: When last we left Bruce and Rhonda, they’d successfully bid on several lots from a major retail distributor and were planning to resell them. That is… if things would stop going wrong long enough for them to actually pick up the inventory! Off we went in the borrowed suburban to the major … Continue reading

Ding, Ding, Ding! Bruce and Rhonda and the Fabulous New Inventory [The Kabbage Chronicles, Day 27]

Note from Kabbage: If you haven’t been following along or  missed a few days, Bruce and Rhonda have found a fantastic opportunity to bid on overstock from a major U.S. retailer. Well, it looks like we have won three of the lots. Chuck called to inform us that we were the high bidder on three. … Continue reading

Bruce and Rhonda and the Renewed Kabbage Advance [The Kabbage Chronicles, Day 26]

After speaking to Kathryn Petralia at Kabbage we have decided to utilize more of the credit line they offered. Kathryn emailed us that “Kabbage can advance based on your existing sales volume (and our sales volume was fantastic!) and more as you grow. We are willing to increase access to the initial line.” That meant … Continue reading

A Day in the Life of an ECommerce Mom [The Kabbage Chronicles Day 25]

Well, with Bruce and all the kids but Sarene back in school, I alone run the eBay store. Bruce does help, when he gets home, with things like packing to ship and listing one or two things.  But I also no longer have the boys to give me a hand.   I have been asked … Continue reading

Success! Bruce, Rhonda and the Major Retailer [The Kabbage Chronicles, Day 23]

Approved!! We got an email from Chuck this afternoon stating that we are official bidders!! We were surprised that it happened so fast. We got our login and have been looking over the lots to bid on. Boy, is it a lot of stuff. Most of it is way too much like 13,000 items in … Continue reading

Bruce and Rhonda Court a Major Retailer! [The Kabbage Chronicles, Day 22]

Ok, so last week we mentioned that we may have an in at a major retailers distribution center.  As with saying things like “We are having a baby!” or “I am going to college,” it is a lot more complicated than it sounds. You can’t just waltz in there and buy up their excess inventory … Continue reading