20 New Year’s Resolutions for the Online Seller

It’s that time! Along with any personal resolutions, online business owners need to figure out what they’re going to promise to do for their business in Two Zero Toothpicks. Here are 20 of ours to help you on your way. 1. Go Mobile We’re entering 2011. That means we now live in the FUTURE. And … Continue reading

10 Healthy Snacks to Get You Through the Holiday Rush

During the holiday season it’s quite easy to snack yourself into a bigger pants size. Instead of cramming the cookies and chocolates while you sit at the computer, try these ten healthy snacks for a quick pick me up during the holiday rush! 1. Dried Fruit It’s not just apples and bananas in the dried … Continue reading

Kabbage’s Cyber Monday Wrap-Up

With quite a few savvy shoppers going online instead of braving angry crowds on Black Friday, it looked like Cyber Monday was going to be a huge success. And the numbers seem to back it up: while final numbers are still tallying, it looks to be one of the biggest of all time, indicating that … Continue reading

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday Wrap-Up

Another Thanksgiving already come and gone. Wrap up the turkey and that weird Jello thing Aunt Suzanne makes, because it’s time to hit the road. Also make sure to secure all the stuff you grabbed Friday morning and Saturday afternoon, because Black Friday and Small Business Saturday are also done and gone. The biggest shopping … Continue reading

Leaked Black Friday Deals

Whether you’re looking for that last minute iPad for your mom (or yourself!) or maybe looking for some items to resale on your online store, Black Friday is going to be a madhouse of savings if you’re willing to battle the masses. With many stores opening earlier than ever before (some even at midnight), the … Continue reading

5 Things Ecommerce Business Owners Can Be Thankful For

Times may be tough for small and online business sellers, but that’s no reason to not be thankful for the things we do have! Make sure that while you’re eating turkey and pumpkin pie you take time to remember what things we have in today’s world that make it easier to be successful. Here are … Continue reading

Facebook Email: Should You Switch?

Social media giant Facebook announced last week they are slowly introducing a new email program that integrates with their pre-existing chat and message service. Even before the news broke, talk was already rampant whether it would be able to take on the Google mail powerhouse Gmail. But whether or not Facebook mail explodes into the … Continue reading

Make Your Product as Enticing as a Toy During the Holidays

Remember when you were six? Sitting on the store shelf was that one toy you wanted so badly. You remember – it was that giant toy, bigger than your head, or maybe the little one with all the bells and whistles, or maybe even that one little doll or action figure that moved ALL ON … Continue reading

How Kabbage Keeps Your Private Information Secure

We here at Kabbage are acutely aware of the potential hazards of entering your information on the Internet. There is no shortage of horror stories with people’s credit card information used for nefarious purposes, their identity stolen, or businesses selling information to the highest bidder. Even something as simple as someone hacking into your email … Continue reading

Wal-Mart Throws First Punch in Ecommerce War: Will Your Online Store Dodge?

Walmart announced yesterday it was soundly punching Amazon in the face this holiday season. Well, it might as well have; the retail giant is attacking Amazon by offering free shipping for the holidays for over 60,000 gift items, no minimum purchase price. After the promotion ends, they are considering how to extend it to the … Continue reading