Getting Ready for “Back to School”

Ring ring! I can’t believe I’m already saying this, but it’s almost time for the back to school rush! It seems like just yesterday we were shipping…I mean sadly handing the kids over to camp for the summer. Now the homework-less days are almost over once again. For ecommerce sellers this almost always means huge … Continue reading

How to Attract Customers on Pinterest

By now you’ve undoubtedly heard that Pinterest is the #3 social network on the web and many small businesses are using it to blah blah blah. You don’t care about that – all you want to know is if you can use Pinterest to drive in more business to YOUR store and if so how … Continue reading

5 Ways to Combat the Summer Sales Slowdown

Summertime! Time to get out to the beach, find some fun new places to travel to, and generally relax. That is, unless you’re a small business owner. In your case, you may be extra stressed out because your regular customers are nowhere to be seen. That’s because they’re the ones having all the fun mentioned … Continue reading

Making channel sales as effective as direct sales

Imagine you’re a company that concentrates on selling other people’s stuff instead of your own. Instead of just selling, say, computer software, you also sell potato chips, porcelain figurines, and door handles. Although they all sell well, it’s not exactly a coherent mix, which makes it tough to become an expert on your merchandise. This … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning: Write Down Realistic Expectations and Goals

Part of spring cleaning involves strategy: you don’t just grab a broom or piles of boxes and start tossing stuff willy-nilly. You need to figure out where you’re going to put everything and in what order. The same goes for spring cleaning in your business. After all, you had a business plan when you started, … Continue reading

Buying and Selling products in Lots: The Pros and Cons

Online sellers have debated for years about the pros and cons of selling and buying in bulk/lots versus singular items. Search on eBay and you’ll undoubtedly see them everywhere: “lot of Nintendo games,” “lot of chapstick A++++ variety,” etc. But is there a clear winner on this debate or is it a case of 6 … Continue reading

Tax Extensions 101 – Who Gets One? Why To Get One? How To Do It?

Stressed about taxes? Silly question, we know. And online sellers have it rough when it comes to filing on time, what with the huge box of receipts and the fifty different forms to fill out. (Okay, so 50 is exaggerating…) If only there was a way to extend the time you have to file… Oh … Continue reading

4 Fun Business Finance Tools

There’s no rule out there saying business finance can’t be fun (at least we haven’t seen one). However, most see it as nothing but hard numbers and cold facts – not exactly something to sit down and relax to. Luckily, a few companies out there see things differently and want everyone to enjoy the wild … Continue reading

Featured Outright Partner

It’s the time of the year where things get busy – why spend your time tracking your online business finances by hand?  Kabbage has discovered a great free tool for eBay and Amazon sellers called Outright that let’s you easily see how your business is doing. Outright downloads and organizes all of your small business … Continue reading

Hot Items for Christmas 2011

Remember Tickle Me Elmo? That wasn’t exactly the first huge Christmas item, but it was certainly one of the most memorable. Parents were battling each other to try and grab one of those red giggling monstrosities so Little Johnny or Susie would have the best Christmas ever. Each year, sellers try to guess what the … Continue reading