Packaging Alternatives Guaranteed to Not Break the Bank

Packaging material is wasteful, but the alternatives never seem to be “economically viable” for your business. After all, you can buy a bunch of material, but is it going to be cheaper than juts stuffing a bunch of paper in the box instead? Probably not. Making a change is sometimes expensive. However, packaging material doesn’t … Continue reading

Save on Shipping, Save the Earth

One of the least green parts of your business is your shipping. It’s sometimes hard to see, as it’s not exactly a smokestack blasting chemicals into the air in your backyard. Regardless, the damage is there, and it’s almost constant. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Going green (or at least making strides … Continue reading

5 Tips Toward More Sustainable Packaging for the eCommerce Seller

There’s been a profound shift in packaging materials over the years, and ecommerce sellers are helping lead the way. Instead of heavily detailed, non-recyclable material for shipping, the move is towards simpler and reusable boxes and material that doesn’t murder the planet with each shipment. You may be wondering how to jump on this trend, … Continue reading

Life of a Package in the Post Office

We all know what happens to a box on the customer side of the counter. Wrap it nice and safely, put it in the box, tape it up, stick on the label, hand it over – and then it disappears into a vortex. This is the point where most of us lose perspective on the … Continue reading

Shipping and Logistics: Who to Follow on Twitter

One of the great things about social media services like Twitter is there is no shortage of information. There’s always a new feed or two to check out or an old favorite you forgot about that’s recently come back to life. If you’re looking for business news and intelligence talk, just start poking around! Or, … Continue reading

What You Need in Your Home Office for a Shipping Starter Package

If you’re just getting into the ecommerce game, you may be wondering how most people deal with the constant shipping that takes place. After all, once you really get going, you’re taking constant trips up to the post office. This also includes getting boxes, wrapping up the items, taping everything up, and labeling it all…just … Continue reading

3 eCommerce Tasks Busy Sellers Can Outsource

Hey, you got in this business for the excitement of selling, not to get stressed out! As a follow up to our eCommerce Tasks to Outsource blog post last week, we present more tasks you should consider distributing elsewhere. Handing the reins over to someone else on these can free your schedule and your brain … Continue reading

Bruce and Rhonda and the Disheartening Setback [The Kabbage Chronicles, Day 24]

Today we lost our Power Seller status on Ebay. I am so sad and frustrated.  We are good, fair, honest, sellers. I feel like we are being punished.  We pay our fees on time. We have provided over a thousand excellent transactions in our time with eBay this year alone. To lose our Power Seller … Continue reading

Bruce and Rhonda Organize their Inventory [The Kabbage Chronicles, Day 3]

A nerve wracking thing happened today.  We were doing our daily shipping when we couldn’t find an item that a customer had purchased. Looking around our garage…well, it was a mess, not just cluttered, but a MESS! Our stuff, eBay items, laundry, tools, empty boxes for shipping, full boxes from the last auction we went … Continue reading